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Head Massage and Finger Pressure Massage

How to massage

1.Move the fingertips from the hairline to the top of the head using slight pressure. When doing this, if you feel pain at any spot, this is where fatigue has accumulated.

2.Massage especially where you feel pain from the hairline to the top of your head as though actually moving the whole scalp.

3.Pinch your scalp very quickly and lightly with your finger pads. Massage lightly and rhythmically without rubbing.

Massage Pressure Points

Breathe in deeply, then press a pressure point upwards toward the top of your head with your fingers, and simultaneously breathe out slowly. Hold the finger movement. Breathe in again, then relax.
It is even more effective with deep breathing.

Pressure points that provide relaxing effect

Kyokusa ...
At 2/6 of the length on the hairline connecting shintei and the upper corner of forehead.
Shintei ...
The center of the hairline on the forehead.
Kakuson ...
The point slightly above the upper end of ear.Pressure points that revitalize hair
Taiyo ...
Amon ...
The center of the nape, about 2 cm above the hair line.
Hyakue ...
The central point that crosses the line connecting the top of the right and left ears.Pressure points that help reduce fatigue in neck and shoulders
Fuchi ...
The hollow outside the highest point of the muscles running beside the central hollow in the nape.
Tenchu ...
The highest point of the muscles running beside the central hollow in the nape.
Kankotsu ...
The hollow diagonally below the most protruding point behind ear.
Kensei ...
The points where the middle finger touches when placing the fingertips on the side of neck.

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Take a tight grip of your wrist and massage with four fingers of the other hand. Cross your hands, bend it backward, and fully stretch as a finish.
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