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Hand Reflexology Massage can improve your health a lot, just like Foot Reflexology Massage
Hand Massage
Head Massage and Finger Pressure Massage
Introduction of Yin and Yang
Foot Reflexology


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Hand Reflexology Massage can improve your health a lot, just like Foot Reflexology Massage

Hand Reflexology massage has the similar effect as Foot Reflexology massage to improve general health. Take some time to study it carefully and try to massage those reflective zones on one hand in the beginning, you can actually feel it a lot different between your two hands, one is totally relaxed while the other one not.

If you have cold hands, this is the best way to stimulate blood circulation. Or if you have some other complaints in some parts of your body, massage those reflective zones in the hands. It takes 15 minutes per whole hand. You can practice once or twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep. You will notice the significant improvement after some time. And please do not forget to post your feedback here.

Hand Massage

Parts of limbs are connected to all parts of the body, such as the head, internal organs, and muscles. These corresponding parts are called the reflex points. It is thought that stimulating the reflex points by massaging and pressing helps eliminate accumulated waste products and promotes blood circulation and it is helpful for maintaining health in the Oriental medicine. This massage is quick and easy method that can be used anywhere at any time, even while waiting for a bus or train. Carefully massage stiff areas.

Head Massage and Finger Pressure Massage

How to massage

1.Move the fingertips from the hairline to the top of the head using slight pressure. When doing this, if you feel pain at any spot, this is where fatigue has accumulated.

2.Massage especially where you feel pain from the hairline to the top of your head as though actually moving the whole scalp.

3.Pinch your scalp very quickly and lightly with your finger pads. Massage lightly and rhythmically without rubbing.

Massage Pressure Points

Breathe in deeply, then press a pressure point upwards toward the top of your head with your fingers, and simultaneously breathe out slowly.

Introduction of Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is one of the most fundamental concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment. The earliest reference to Yin and Yang is in the I Ching (Book of Changes) in approximately in 700 BC. In this work, all phenomena are said to be reduced to Yin-Yang.


Translations: 1. female, passive, negative principle in nature 2. the moon 3. shaded orientation 4. north or shady side of a hill 5. south of a river.


Translations: 1. positive, active, male principle in nature 2.

Foot Reflexology

In traditional Chinese medicine’s acupuncture theory, different acupuncture points are linked to different body parts.  The studies of the acupressure are also applied on foot massage. By massaging different region on your feet will make your organs relieve from aches and pains.

Before starting a foot massage, the feet are suggested to be rinsed with warm water until you could feel warm from the bottom.

The warm water stimulates the blood circulation, which assists in applying foot massage with better impact.
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