De Eland Wellness House  -
Location, Contact & Car parking

De Eland Wellness House
Kwik Fix Massage

Elandsgracht 61A
1016TP Amsterdam

020 - 3201213  ( 12:00 - 21:00 )
06 -1306 8891  ( 09:00 - 21:00 )

Route Description

Public transport 
Tram 7, 10, 17, 
Bus 170, 172, 174

Name of bus/tram stop

Bus Station
Manixstraat Bus Station

Direction 1: From Amsterdam Central Station or Dam Square
If you come from Amsterdam Central station, you can take Tram No.17, get off at Tram stop Elandsgracht, walk some steps back to the Canal Lijnbaansgracht, cross a bridge, you will see a long square full of cars. Walk on the right side of the square, you will find us after about two minute walk.

Direction 2: From Leidseplein
If you are from Leiseplein in Amsterdam, you can take Tram No.10, Bus No.170, 172, and 174, get off at Bus stop Elandsgracht, walk back some steps, cross the bridge, walk on the right side of the square, you will see us in one minute.

Parking your cars

Parking your cars in front of the shop is getting very difficult. But you can park your cars at Qpark at Manixstraat, from which the walking distance to us is less than 5 minutes. ( You can also try your luck to find a spot along the cannels in our neighbourhood.

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