Kwik Fix Massage -
Do you have a busy life?

Are you always in a hurry?

Do you often walk around with a stiff neck?

Do you always have problem with your neck?

Do  you desire for a great massage?

But you DON’T want to pay a lot for it?

Do you want 20 minute massage every day?

Neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs & feet, 
--- At the same time !

Now it is possible!  

Within Your Budget!!!  

20 minutes   €14,00

In June 2017 we launched our new massage equipment --- i-relax High-end Luxury Massage Chair. 

When you lie down horizontally in the massage chair, you are at the position with ZERO GRAVITY, which makes your head, neck and back completely without any tension. At this position you can get better result from the massage. The best of all the combination of this concept is that the structure of your spine is very well corrected from tension and wrong postures. It is very tough and difficult for human massage therapists to achieve this result, but our i-relax massage chair would not mind! He can be as gentle or strong as you can imagine!

You can keep you clothes on. You just let our new massage specialist do its job to take care of your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs and feet at the same time. After 20 minute massage, you can immediately feel relaxed, especially your neck is more flexible, and a lot less tension in your shoulders, back and arms. And of course, don't forget the great feelings in your legs and feet.

Techniques combined for body rejuvenation within only 20 minutes: 

Unique 3D neck massage

Neck, shoulders & back: massage, shiatsu, kneading, knocking

Hips, legs & calf Magnetic therapy & shiatsu massage

Hands & arms : shiatsu massage

Feet: sole rollers & guasha massage


79 airbags

Back and calf warming system

Automatic scan of the body length so that the neck is always massaged at the right 

Five different types of massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading, massage, and knocking as well as kneading & knocking at the same time.

For whom is this designed for?

People with lots of physical activities

Computer Users
Neck and shoulder treatment for people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

Relaxation for students in times of stress tests and exams.

Dynamic People
Fatigue relief for people as they are very active during the day.

Muscle relaxation and relief of the therapy for people who play sports intensively.

Comfort for the elderly.

Posture therapy for women concerned about their appearance.

Back and hip treatment for people who stay at home.

Physical Therapy over 12 Comfortable Points
Fill the body with a sense of euphoria

FENGCHI POINT : Relieves the tension in the liver, eliminates wind, has a detoxifying effect, and benefits the head and eyes. 

JIANJING POINT: Regulates chi, alleviates pain and disperses wind; It can relieve cervical spondylosis and stiff neck.

TIANZONG POINT: Regulation of chi and swelling can alleviate glenohumeral periarthritis, shoulder and arm pain. 

HEART (XIN) SHU POINT: Relieves chest congestion, regulates chi, tonifies and nourishes the heart,  clears heart fire and calms the spirit. 

LIVER (GAN) SHU POINT: Soothes liver and gall bladder bile, regulates and strengthens Chi and vision, regulates and nourish liver blood, benefits the eyes and sinews.

SHENGSHU POINT: Invigorates, tonifies and supports kidneys and supports Yang, helps water retention and strengthens the lumbar region.

NEIGUAN POINT: Calms the mind, regulates chi and relieves pain, helps convalescent heart and supports the heart. 

HAND SANLI POINT: alleviates pain in the shoulder, arm and tennis elbow, harmonizes the intestines and stomach. 

FOOT SANLI POINT: Harmonizes the stomach, fortifies the spleen, tonifies chi and nourish blood and yin, clears fire and calms the spirit, alleviates pain.

YONGQUAN POINT: Nourishes the yin and harmonizes kidneys, calm the spirit, scatters wind, is very useful in cases of insomnia, nervous headaches, myocarditis, etc.

YAOYAN POINT Point: Strengthen the kidneys, relieves the acute or chronic pain in the lower back and benefits the lumbar region

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