Kwik Fix Massage -

Get stress and winter out of your body!
Haal stress en winter uit je lijf!

One hour one stamp.   
With 12 stamps, you get 60 minute Relaxation Massage for free!   

Gift cards available.


We offer a variety of products that suit every taste and every budget. Our most popular products are shown below. You can always contact us for more information about our products, offers and other options.

Do you feel stressful, tired or exhausted, or just have back pain, neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, arm pain or muscle pain?   

If you want to feel better and relaxed, you need to try our traditional Chinese massage. 

We offer

Professional massage
Clean, comfortable & relaxing place
Luxurious massage beds


Advice: Taking a massage for 90 minutes or longer, you can choose the combination of body and foot massage. You can discuss with your masseur how much time you prefer to spend on body massage and foot massage. It all depends which part of your body needs more or extra attention.

The first appointment starts at 12:15. The last appointment ends at 15 minutes before the closing time.

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